Romantic Date Night Ideas At Home

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Romantic date night ideas at home

To keep your relationship fun, fresh and thrilling, you have to switch up the status quo! It’s beautiful to reconnect with an exciting date night, enjoying quality time as you try something new (or revisit a shared love!) together.

We believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank for an evening of intimacy and reconnection. It’s possible to have a romantic date night in the comfort of your own home! Plus, as a bonus, at-home date nights mean you can squeeze even more romantic evenings into your monthly routine.

Below are our best romantic date ideas at home.

A virtual cooking class — or do it DIY style

Jump into the frying pan with a virtual cooking class as you whip up something new, challenging or familiar together. Turn up the heat as you work as a team! If you’re looking to keep it extra budget-friendly, find a crazy recipe online and work together to bring it to life.

Get arts-and-crafty, even if you’re not artistic

Put your partner’s painting skills to the test with an at-home paint night! Even if creative activities aren’t your typical indulgence, you might learn something new about your partner’s artistic skills (or lack thereof). Grab supplies from your local craft store, or for an extra special treat (with many surprises included!), try the Date & Paint Box

Trivia battle, winner takes all

For those with the most competitive spirits, a good old-fashioned trivia competition is the way to each other’s hearts. There are heaps of cheap (or free!) trivia apps available for download on your mobile, or you can go old school with a board game like Trivial Pursuit. For an extra juicy twist, add a reward for the winner… and punishment for the loser. (PS: Many of our date night boxes contain trivia games!)

Makeshift concert, sports match or comedy show 

Let’s face it: buying tickets to ALL the events can be a bit much. Instead of springing for the real thing every time, create your own front row seat with a makeshift concert or performance in your lounge room! Turn down the lights, dress up in your very best, and put the grand event on the big screen. 

Wine tasting, wine not?

Bring the thrill of the Yarra Valley to your kitchen! Surprise each other with a few bottles, get goofy with made-up tasting notes, and see who can guess what’s what. Pair this activity with a homemade charcuterie board, a night of reminiscing through old photo albums, or the thrilling Havana Nights box

Date night in a box

If you know Box’d Night In, you know romantic date nights at home are what we do best. We deliver incredible date nights to your door, no need for planning, prepping or stressing. 

Indulge in a new experience, try out some new sweet treats, or get crafty and competitive with our range of date night box activities. Click to shop our collection of date night boxes, and take time for reconnection with our creative date ideas.