Spooktacular Halloween | Finish My Phrase Quiz

Couples date night ideas

Show of hands for the ones still in lockdown? Well if you're anything like us, at this point you’ve probably exhausted all ideas on what to do together to keep that spark alive.

To celebrate our current date night box, Spooktacular Halloween edition, we have provided a free date night activity for you to complete.

How often do you find yourselves finishing each other’s sentences? Do you know each other well enough to know what the other may be thinking?

Then our “Finish my Phrase” date night activity should be a walk in the park for you both.

All you will need is 2 sheets of paper and 2 pencils.

Download our Finish My Phrase activity to start having fun.

To finish off with some words from our team here at Box’d Night In, for those of you in lockdown, stay strong and remember to keep having fun together, never stop laughing, share the love and keep the spark alive.