Why invest in your relationship with a Box'd Night In?

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Life is a crazy ride and we know how busy it can get. Between work, minding the kids, and now thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, juggling both - more than ever we need to make sure we strengthen the bond in our relationship and keep our minds happy and healthy.

As life gets busy and we become time poor we tend to forget to focus on ourselves, let alone our relationships. Personally we have found that having a dedicated date night once a month can improve the strength and bond of a relationship.

Let’s face it, a date night out can be quite a costly exercise. And planning a date night with such little time can be hard. Especially, when sometimes we forget to invest in our relationship, but yet find it easy to invest in that new pair of sneakers or jeans.

Well it doesn’t have to be that hard! We’ve crafted our boxes to be cheaper than a night out and taken all the planning away. Just simply dim the lights, open your Box’d Night In and prepare to have some fun together.

So why wait? Have some fun whilst strengthening your relationship now and enjoy a romantic night in.

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If you a first timer try our Date & Paint date night box. 

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