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Under Your Spell

A magic-themed date night with treats, trick tutorials, Houdini-inspired challenges, and a private magic show on your TV.
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It’s time for a magical date night as you fall under the spell of love. Dazzle, delight and bewitch through the evening with this thrilling magic-themed box of date night ideas.

Create your own love potion and fondue for two as you settle in to enjoy an astonishing, elusive magic show from the comfort of your lounge room — then prepare to nail your own tricks as you lock eyes with your partner. You’ll ignite the spark as your sleight-of-hand tricks work a charm, then, together, undergo a Houdini-inspired handcuff challenge that puts your communication to the test.

The Under Your Spell date night box summons try-something-new fun that brings you closer to your partner in unexpected, thrilling ways — adding a unique sparkle to date nights as you are thrilled, tricked and charmed. 

The Under Your Spell box includes the following unique date ideas (but don’t peek if you prefer to be shocked and amazed!):

  • Everything you need for an evening of magic tricks and illusions, including tutorials for your own tricks and a guide to the couples’ handcuff challenge. 
  • Magic Mike’s exclusive magic show performance — full of tricks that dazzle and impress — ready to play on your TV.
  • Your own Magic 8 Ball that will forever reveal all secrets!
  • Paloma from Monday Distillery and Rocky Road chocolate from Whisk and Pin to
    complement the love-themed recipes found inside.
  • A cleverly curated shopping list for pre-date preparation. 

Prepare to be captivated by the magic of our cute date ideas with the incredible Under Your Spell box — as you make quality time and connection appear out of thin air!



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