Our Story

Box’d Night In was created by two people just like you

A couple in the midst of crazy life, looking to unwind and reconnect through an at-home date night… but no time to actually plan it! We knew that a dedicated date night was essential to maintaining our strong bond, but we didn’t want to blow the budget every time. Aside from that, we had two young kids, and we all know how challenging it is just to get out the door! We needed a date night from the comfort of our own home — that is, something already planned and ready for us, because we lacked the time to figure it out ourselves (and if it shows up at our front door, that’s a bonus!). We knew we could make this a reality for couples like us, and Box’d Night In was born. 

Box'd Night In takes the planning out of your date night, and brings at-home quality time to a whole new level.

Our date night boxes mean new experiences and relationship bonding from the comfort of your couch or kitchen — no stress, just relaxation and connection. We’ve done all the planning for you!

Our date night activity boxes are perfect for you if:
 You’re stuck in the usual routine
 You’re seeking a super fun date night on a night-in budget
 You need dedicated quality time with your partner
 You want to start having fun with your partner again
 You’re ready to invest time in your relationship in new ways
 Your loved ones could use the gift of a date night!

Box’d Night In brings a romantic date night experience to your door, because we all deserve a fun night in.