Our Top Tips on Saving Money But Still Making Time for Your Relationship

Date night at home


Saving money is something that most of us want to do. Whether you are saving up for something big like a house or car, or you just want to have a little extra cash in your pocket, it can be a challenge to balance that and ensuring you are doing new things to help connect in your relationship. With these top tips, you can save money while still making time for your partner. 

1. Plan date nights at home

One way to save money while still making time for your relationship is to have date nights at home. Instead of going out to expensive restaurants or buying movie tickets, you can cook a meal together and watch a movie at home. You can even create a theme for your date night, such as having a Japanese food night. If your time poor then why not try one of our pre-planned date night boxes.

2. Take advantage of happy hours

If you do go out for date night, try going during happy hour. Many restaurants and bars offer discounted menu items during the early evening, allowing you to save money without sacrificing the time you spend with your loved one.

3. Look for free events in your area

Another way to save money is to look for free events in your area. Many museums, parks, and other attractions offer free entry on certain days or during certain times of the year. Look for local festivals and events that are free to attend, or plan a picnic in the park for a fun and romantic afternoon.

4. Use discount codes

When you do need to spend money on your relationship, make sure you're using coupons and discount codes. You can often find discounts online and many businesses offer loyalty programs that can save you money over time. If you sign up to Box'd Night In newsletter we offer a 10% discount for first time purchases. 

Saving money doesn't have to mean sacrificing your relationship. With these top tips, you can save money while still making time together. Whether you're planning date nights at home or taking advantage of free events in your area, there are many ways to maintain your relationship without breaking the bank. By being creative and resourceful, you can strengthen your bond with your loved one while still achieving your financial goals.